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Make sure you book all your tours in advance so you don't miss out when you're there, particularly in Sydney, Cairns and Uluru.
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Australia Tailormade Holidays

Holidays to Australia are the lush tropics of North Queensland and Darwin. They are the hard-baked Red Centre and the sparkling azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They are the mystical creation stories of Aboriginal Dreamtime and endless white-sand beaches. Australia is also a land of cosmopolitan cities and has a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle with its share of world-class cuisine and New World wines. 

There are few places in the world that offer as much diversity and between the captivating cities and the immense, sheer beauty of the land; you will never be short of things to do in Australia. Long stretches of pristine beach, arid desert landscapes and spectacular ancient rainforests - these are just some of the things that spring to mind when we think about this outstandingly diverse country. 

Australia highlights

The world is getting smaller and people’s bucket lists are getting longer and more adventurous. See some of the world’s most iconic sites and accessible cities, with picture-perfect panoramas and the opportunity to learn more about Australia’s indigenous population, with their rich storytelling culture. 

Whether it’s your first time Down Under, or you’re a returning traveller to the destination, you can expect something new at each twist and turn, with four time zones, three million square miles and twenty two million people, it’s not that simple to sum up a country that stretches so far and takes in so many different climates and diverse landscapes. You will have to see for yourself!  

Australians love us Brits, as we tend to linger longer due to the time it takes us to travel to their country, however, if you haven’t got time to explore it’s furthest reaches, don’t think that rules out your dream of embarking on an Australia holiday - our Travel Designers have lots of suggestions for how you can make the most of a two-week journey around Australia. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into a fortnight and still be able to see more than one destination.

Getting there

Stopover in another iconic city to break up the journey to Australia. Choose from the likes of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Book a tour – perfect for the first-time traveller, to cover some iconic highlights as well as some lesser-known attractions, unique to each region. You will create some lifelong memories and a collection of photos you will want to look at again and again.

Holiday inspiration

If you need more reasons and inspiration on why Australia holidays must be experienced, then take a look at the Austravel Blog. We can help you shape your holiday to suit your own personal tastes and needs, so whether you want the adventure of a lifetime, to catch up with friends and relatives that have started new lives the other side of the world, or simply want some indulgence and relaxation in a far flung country – holidays in Australia offer a wealth of possibilities and unforgettable experiences.  

Austravel are delighted to introduce their latest video called 'A Postcard From Friends': a short film based on testimonials our Travel Designers regularly receive which shows why Australia is such an incredible place to visit.

Austravel secrets...
Make sure you book all your tours in advance so you don't miss out when you're there, particularly in Sydney, Cairns and Uluru.
Sharron, Travel Designer

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