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Round-the-world trips

Who says round-the-world travel is only for backpackers in their early twenties?  The world is waiting to be explored and we can provide incredible itineraries covering all corners of the globe.  Our expert Travel Designers are round-the-world specialists who will effortlessly demonstrate how to transform Southern Hemisphere travel into globe-trotting opportunities, experiencing beautiful islands, fantastic cities, amazing cultures and breathtaking scenery. 

It’s never too late to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you have one, three or six months to spare, there’s an itinerary to suit you.

Combine the sights of Singapore with the culture of New Zealand, then relax on the white sand beaches of Fiji before ending your adventure in Los Angeles for a truly unforgettable trip. Or to tick off several must-see destinations, indulge in a tale of two cities in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur before arriving in the cool city of Melbourne and iconic Sydney. Continue your journey with a slice of paradise in Hawaii, and top it all off with a stay in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge and infamous Alcatraz.

See below for a range of dream trips available.

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