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Wildlife holidays

Australia and New Zealand are both renowned for their abundance of wildlife with a vast amount of nature just waiting to be discovered.

For the chance to see kangaroos roaming freely, swim alongside graceful whale sharks or witness turtles hatching in the wild, head Down Under for a wildlife-inspired tour. Taking you from the Great Ocean Road and famous Great Barrier Reef, to Kangaroo Island and Tasmania, we offer day tours and packages enabling you to get up close and personal to Australia's incredible wildlife.

Alternatively, visit New Zealand, a country bursting with natural beauty and rich in flora and fauna. Offering a range of unique animal encounters from the kiwi bird and humpback whales to yellow-eyed penguins and seals, enjoy witnessing these animals in their natural habitat. 

For more inspiration, see below for a selection of our most popular wildlife packages across Australia and New Zealand. For further details on each of the tours, please contact our expert Travel Designers who can tell you more or create a personalised itinierary just for you.  

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