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Australia travel trends 2017

Posted 31 January 2017
Want to know where to visit Down Under this year? Maybe we can help. We look at how people have been travelling this vast country, the up-and-coming destinations and what lies ahead for 2017.

If you're planning a trip to Australia, you may not know where to even start with the planning. Where to go? How long to go for? These are all tough decisions.

While some people like to buck the trend and go off the beaten track, plenty of us like to see all the top must-see places a country has to offer. Especially if it's a first visit.

So to help give you some ideas, we've rounded up some stats from all our bookings over the past year to see where our customers have been holidaying and where's on the up for the year ahead.

You never know, it may even give you a little bit of extra inspiration for your own 2017 holiday Down Under.

Australia travel trends infographic