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Tips for solo travellers Down Under

Posted 07 October 2014
Travelling solo to Australasia is one of the best ways to see the region in all its glory. You can do what you want, when you want and tick off a lot of your bucket list along the way.

Heading to another country for weeks or months at a time is a big step, especially when going it alone. It doesn’t need to be daunting though, and if you follow our tips you might never want to come home!

Leave behind what you can buy

We know it’s hard to decide what to take on holiday, but packing light gives you more freedom when you get there — so be ruthless with your luggage! Some things to take Down Under are essential — such as solid walking boots and swimwear to enjoy the beaches — but do you really need a wide selection of bathroom products?

A good rule of thumb is if an item is easy to buy at your destination, it’s just taking up valuable luggage space if you pack it.

Don’t fly everywhere

Australia is a huge country, but that doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane each time you change location. Of course, it’s sensible when moving from one end of Australia to another, or hopping over to New Zealand or Asia, but the rest of the time the road is a good option.

Use buses or cars for the shorter journeys and you’ll also see more of the country. Road trips in Australia are a joy, so don’t miss out on the experience.

Let those at home know your itinerary

Your safety is paramount wherever you travel, but especially when you’re alone. Australia and New Zealand are far from unsafe, but simply letting people know where you are and where you’re going next will help both parties feel much more comfortable.

The usual common sense still stands, of course, such as trying to time arrivals in unfamiliar destinations during the daylight hours and not wandering alone at night.

Book tours

The money you’ll probably have saved by not flying every time you move location will allow you to experience more of the culture and excitement of Australasia. With escorted tours you can see the likes of Alice Springs, Tasmania and both of New Zealand’s islands.

These are particularly ideal for solo travellers as you’ll meet other, like-minded folk who you can then join up with for further expeditions.

Plan ahead

It is advisable to know where you’re going before you leave home or at least have the first few nights roughly planned. If you’re the sort of person who wants to book accommodation before you leave, then booking in advance can help your peace of mind when you arrive. 

It’s also vital to check up-to-date travel information for the areas you intend to visit, in order to reduce the risk of any nasty surprises.

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