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About Laurie

I am relatively new to Austravel but have worked in the travel industry for over two years. I have lived and worked in Australia for one year, travelled New Zealand for one month by campervan and travelled extensively throughout Asia, North and South America.

I love to visit new destinations and sample the culture, local dishes and try out the odd extreme sport! I really enjoy working in travel as I love discussing people’s travel plans and ideas and then making them a reality.

Favourite destination

I love tropical Queensland, whether it’s the beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island or the Whitsundays, the diverse hinterland filled with fantastic rainforest walks and waterfalls, or the history of Captain Cook’s voyages and exploration in towns like 1770 (yes, there’s a town called 1770). Queensland has it all!

Most memorable experience

Skydiving in shorts and a vest (about as Australian as it gets), pulling the parachute release cord myself, floating above the glistening waters and tropical rainforests before landing on the beautiful sand of Mission Beach. That was definitely one of my top memories. Also, watching turtles return to the beach where they were born to lay their own eggs by cover of darkness at Mon Repos Turtle Rookery in Queensland. That was a really incredible experience.

Travel interests

I love to give as many extreme sports a go as possible on my travels, be it skydiving over beaches, mountain biking or bungee jumping in Queenstown. I’ll try anything once! Though I do enjoy relaxing on beautiful beaches while sampling the local food and drink.

Top travel tips

Tip 1: Plan and book your excursions before you go. Don’t waste time planning and researching when you’re already there and risk disappointment, your holiday is time to be enjoyed.

Tip 2: Sample the local food and drink. Why travel half way around the world to eat and drink the same as back home? If it’s good enough for the locals, it’s good enough for you!

Tip 3: Have a stopover en route and sample the delights of Asia. When travelling to the other side of the world I’d definitely advise having a stopover. Break up the journey and explore fantastic new cities and cultures with a mini holiday within a holiday.

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