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Ever dreamt of a wine that doesn’t give you hangovers?

Posted 26 March 2018
Now you can wake up from that dehydrated dream feeling fresh after a new discovery of hangover-free wine in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Professor Alisa Lott, discoverer of the hangover-free wine says “After years of hard research into what chemicals within the grape cause hangovers, we are so thrilled to finally have found the cause and the cure for wine-indulging hangovers. A wine drinker myself, I’m so excited to be able to enjoy a Friday night glass without the worry of having to wake up early dehydrated and run down for the rest of the day. We’re so excited for the rest of the world to try it too! The Lytoomi Wine Estate produce only the finest of white and red wines and if you haven’t tried them already, now is a better time than any.”

The wine is now in the beginning stages of production, and should reach the UK by April 1st 2019.