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Experience the unforgettable with PurePods. These unique glass pods are scattered across 5 remote locations on the South Island and offer the chance to really immerse yourself into Pure New Zealand. The walls, floor and even the ceiling are all made of heavy duty glass meaning at night you really can sleep under the stars and during the day you are surrounded by dramatic landscapes and peaceful tranquillity. Each pod is fully equipped with a comfy bed, fridge, cooking facilities, telescope and binoculars and even a Bluetooth speaker if you wish to bring your own music. 

All PurePods are situated approximately 1km from a secure parking location so it's best to leave your main luggage in your car and take an overnight night bag for the walk to the pod.

PurePod locations:

  • Pohue PurePod - Located 1 hour from Christchurch high above the historic Port Levy Bay
  • Kahutara PurePod - Located 20 mins inland from Kaikoura/ 2.5 hours from Christchurch perched above the Kahutara River
  • Manakau PurePod - Located 20 mins inland from Kaikoura/2.5 hours from Christchurch with perfect views of the Seaward Kaikoura mountains 
  • Greystone PurePod - Located 1 hour North of Christchurch high above an award winning organic winery
  • Little River PurePod - Located 50 mins from Christchurch nestled high above the Little River township on Banks Peninsula 


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