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Samoa: a group of 10 stunning islands in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. For most people that’s more than enough reason to visit, but here there’s also a lot of culture and history to enhance a holiday.

And then there’s the wildlife. Whether it’s the mountainous peaks of Savaii, the valleys of Upolu or all the powdery sand beaches you can dream of, Samoa has something for everyone.

Samoan islands

The gateway to your trip to Samoa, Upolu is the most populated of the islands. As you’d expect from a South Pacific island, there’s white sand and blue lagoons everywhere you turn, which makes it brilliant for diving, fishing and surfing. The lush, mystical rainforests and dramatic waterfalls will also keep you entertained on a walk.

Visit the main town and Samoa’s capital city Apia, which sits on a natural harbour. Here, you can explore the local market, sample island life in a bar on the waterfront, or choose to just relax with the friendly residents.

The island of Savaii is a 45 minute ferry ride from Mulifanua Wharf in Upolu, and is home to the awesome Alofaaga blowholes as well as one of Polynesia’s highest peaks Mount Silisili. Locals refer to Savaii as the Big Island, and the island has many tropical birds to spot.

Samoan culture

The people of Samoa have a way of life that dates back some 3,000 years called Fa’a Samoa. From young children, Samoans are taught to celebrate traditional values and care for their environment.

Matai are the heads of their respective families and in the 362 villages across the islands there are 18,000 of these ‘chiefs’. Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to learn about their culture. This includes Tatau, tattoos put on the bodies using tools made from bone, tusks and wood, and printed cloth made from the bark of the mulberry tree, called Tapa. 

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Samoa Island Hopping Essentials

11 Day Island Hopping Package
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Begin in Upolu, the most populated of the nine islands which make up Samoa, before heading over to the island of Savaii for waterfalls, blowholes and a volcano to discover!

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