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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Stopovers

One of our most vibrant and cosmopolitan city stopovers, enjoy a few days in the exciting centre of Hong Kong to break up your travels.

A glistening capital that merges the cultures of East and West, witness traditional junk boats combined with fine dining restaurants and luxurious five star hotels. A delight for the senses, enjoy delicious delicacies in the city that loves to eat, with fresh ingredients, brave chefs and an overpowering amount of choice.

With the range of islands and regions that make up the city of Hong Kong, a large variety of attractions spoil you with things to do and see. Whether you want to explore the towering skyscrapers and panoramic views of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, discover the bustling markets and trams on Kowloon, or peruse shops and glistening malls, Hong Kong has something for everyone. 

What to do in Hong Kong

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Places to stay in Hong Kong

From self-catered apartments to all-inclusive luxury hotels, find the ideal accommodation for your Hong Kong holiday.

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