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Getting around

Although the prospect of exploring Australia and New Zealand seems a little daunting, in reality it could not be easier with many choices of transport available to you. From the wonderful sandy beaches and red deserts that stretch for miles, to the tranquil islands of the Whitsunday’s and the Great Barrier Reef, all is within easy reach.

Flying is perhaps the best way to cover larger distances in a short space of time, less travelling time allows for more exploring and, with a host of airlines providing internal flights, there is always a flight to suit you and usually at a very reasonable price.

By choosing one of the many epic rail routes available, you are assured of an insight in to the diverse landscapes of each country, all from the comfort of your carriage. Take the Ghan between Adelaide and Darwin, where the stunning backdrops and first class service will be one of the many highlights of your trip, or try the renowned Indian Pacific which runs coast to coast, Sydney to Perth.

Travelling by coach or bus is an easy and economical way of exploring, whilst self drives give maximum flexibility and allow some of the iconic driving routes and scenic countryside to be experienced.

Excellent public transport networks provide reliable local links, whilst taking a ferry is an absolute must for a spectacular view of one of the many harbours.

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