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Best beer in Australasia

Posted 24 October 2014
Sampling the food and drink of a region is one of the joys of travelling. Finding your favourite beer in Australasia is an enjoyable task, but with the wealth of breweries in New Zealand and Australia it could be a lengthy one too.

Fear not. We’ve put together five of our favourite brews to get your taste buds started on their epic ale journey Down Under.

New Zealand

Black Beer – 5.2% (Monteith’s)

This beer from New Zealand sits somewhere between black and stout. It’s less sweet than typical dark beers and, despite the ample amount of malt that goes into each bottle, it’s smoother than the average stout. With its subtle aniseed and caramel tones, this beer is a highly regarded offering from this South Island brewery.

“This is not your usual Australasian beer. Think less barbecues and beaches and more kicking back in a hot tub gazing at the Southern Alps after a day’s skiing.”

     - Good Ale Guide

BloodyDingo – 7.7% (ParrotDog)

An Imperial Amber ale, with Australian influences, BloodyDingo is loved for its depth of flavour. The beer starts with plenty hops, travels through sweetness of caramel and spice, before finishing with a bitter edge. And at 7.7% proof, it packs a punch too. You shouldn’t visit Wellington without sampling this ale.

“BloodyDingo is bloody awesome. It understandably won a gold medal at the 2013 New Zealand Beer Awards.”

     - Neil Miller, Malthouse


Pacific Ale – 4.4% (Stone & Wood)

Not every good beer has to be hop-heavy or best for a night in; some are designed to be sipped outside on warm evenings. Pacific Ale from Stone & Wood is made from all-Australian barley, wheat and hops and is then packed full of fresh tropical fruit — a perfect combination for a summer’s eve in Byron Bay.

“Up in Byron, the sarong is formal wear and it would be so wrong to drink the heavy craft beers of the city. Pacific Ale is light and fruity: a great way to unwind after yoga.”

     - The Australian

Hop Hog – 5.8% (Feral)

An American style Indian Pale Ale, Hop Hog is very descriptively named. Loaded full of American hops at every stage of the brewing process, this ale finishes dry and bitter after the dose of pine needle and citrus flavours. So if you’re in and around the Swan Valley area near Perth, keep an eye out for this highly rated gem.

“Hop Hog is the sort of beer that gives 110%, 26 hours a day, eight days a week. This family-owned brewery outside Perth has picked up a sway of gongs for its excellent product.”

     - The Australian

Punk Monk – 7.5% (Murray’s)

Heavily influenced by Belgian brewing, this Strong Pale Ale is bursting with authentic Belgian yeasts, yet manages to maintain a dry finish with a late hit of hops. It might be self-claimed unorthodox, but its surprisingly summery feel makes it very drinkable, especially if you happen to be on the New South Wales coast.

“Belgian flavours combine to conjure up an unorthodox but seductive ale that will have you speaking Flemish and craving fries dipped in mayonnaise.”

     - The Australian

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