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Top 5 wilderness walks in Australia

Posted 07 November 2014
Travelling from one place to another is a fantastic way to see more of the world, but sometimes an area is just so enchanting that it demands being explored in more detail.

Walking provides you the freedom to see the intricate details of nature on a unique adventure. Australia offers some of the most beautiful scenery, perfect for walking, so take a look at the top five walks we think you’ll enjoy the most:

Cape to Cape Walk, Margaret River, Australia

Walk time: 4 days

Distance: 41 kilometres

Starting at the northern tip of Margaret River by Cape Naturaliste, spend the next four days exploring the iconic Cape to Cape coastline on this 4 day walk, soaking in views of the pristine beaches and crystal clear Indian Ocean lapping below the rugged cliffs. Spot unique, native wildlife as you follow the trail through the ancient karri forests and surrounding bushland before reaching the exclusive Indijup Spa Retreat, where you can relax and indulge in the delicious local produce after a day of walking.

Not forgetting that you are in Western Australia's most famous wine region, there will be plenty of opportunities to try Margaret River's finest wines along the way!

Dove Lake Walk, Cradle Mountain, Australia

Walk time: 1-2 hours

Distance: 5.7 kilometres

This short and fairly easy walk will take you right around the stunning Dove Lake beneath the towering Cradle Mountain. Follow the trail past the fascinating Glacier Rock and through the magnificent Ballroom Forest, home to distinctive flora and fauna which flourish here in the cooler climates.

For more of a challenging hike, alter your route and follow the Lake Rodway Track up to the Hansons Peak lookout, offering breath-taking views of the sky-scraping spires of Cradle Mountain and beautiful lakes below.

Scenic Rim Trail by Spicers, Australia

Walk time: 4 days

Distance: 38.5 kilometres

Perfect for the advanced walker, this 4 day trail leads you through Queensland's Main Range National Park, offering vast landscapes and untouched bushland just waiting to be explored. Climb the breath-taking mountains, soak in beautiful views of the Valley's below and listen to the local wildlife singing high above the trees as you ascend further into the rainforest. 

The walks may be tough, but with luxury camping accommodation, gourmet dinners and local wines waiting for you at the end of each hiking day, it makes this spectacular trail an unforgettable experience.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Australia 

Kings Canyon hike

Walk time: 3-4 hours

Distance: 6 kilometres

Brief, yet fairly challenging, the Rim Walk offers increasingly stunning views all the way to the top, where you can then look down on the breathtaking sight of Watarraka National Park and the Kings Canyon

Your walk starts with a tricky 500-step climb, but once that’s behind you the photography opportunities are more than worth the effort. The hike takes you through the ‘Garden of Eden’ and to the top of the 270m high cliffs – that are as tall as Melbourne’s biggest skyscraper!

Heysen Trail, Flinders Ranges, Australia

Flinders Ranges

Walk time: 1-4 hours

Distance: 500 metres-4 kilometres

The Flinders Ranges have some of the most beautiful views in Australia and this trail, whether you have just an hour or half a day to spare, will let you see the peaks in all their glory. 

There’s no requirement to be an experienced hiker here, either, so you can do as much of the walk as you like and at your own speed. The reward for the full distance is a scenic wilderness route through the cypress pine forest and rugged ridges on a hike that has an almost alpine ambiance.

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