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Yasawa Islands Holidays

The Yasawa Islands are an archipelago of 20 ancient volcanic islands situated to the north west of the main Fijian island of Viti Levu.

This archipelago covering approximately 135 square kilometres offers a beautiful landscape of mountains encircled by reefs, lagoons and golden sands.

A remote paradise

The movie Blue Lagoon was shot on Turtle Island in the Yasawas and this should provide some clues to how idyllic these islands are, perfectly representing the castaway experience we yearn for - endless days of uninterrupted tropical sunshine.

Accessed by either boat or a short flight, the islands are relatively untouched by tourism. Here and there you’ll find stunning resorts with gorgeous bungalows nestling among the palm trees by the beach or overwater villas perched over shallow blue seas. 

Islands such as Waya, Kuata, Naviti, Nacula,Yasawa, Tavewa, Matacawa Levu and Viwa mostly have a rugged hilly outlook - some are mountainous with peaks rising 600 metres in height.  

Back on the beach take the opportunity to snorkel and explore the abundance of marine life. The waters just offshore offer hard and soft coral, turtles, reef sharks and manta rays. Therefore the region is popular with beginners because of the abundance of shallow reefs, while there are also plenty of deeper dives for the experienced.

When you factor in sailing, kayaking and hiking through the interior of the island to discover the wildlife you’ll soon appreciate there’s plenty to do in the Yasawas. There are sunset cruises around the islands so that you can experience the beauty and golden light of the setting sun in the South Pacific.

Sometimes it’s enough to just swing in your hammock. The pace of life is typically Fijian and the islanders are warm and inviting and always happy to share their culture with you.

Getting to the Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands are easily accessed from mainland Fiji by helicopter, seaplane or catamaran ferry. What you won’t find are motorised traffic, or shops or banks – just palm trees, secluded golden beaches and crystal clears waters.

While families will enjoy the sheltered coves, gentle waters and shallow lagoons that provide a safe haven for children, couples will also appreciate the romance and splendid isolation of these beautiful islands, but no matter who you are the Yasawas will be perfect castaway holiday of a lifetime.

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